Refill, Not Landfill

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We are a group of tourism and hospitality professionals in Bhutan who want to stop our Kingdom from being buried in plastic trash. We are one of several anti-plastic organizations in our country. Our focus is on educating visitors about responsible tourism and how they can help us keep Bhutan clean, beautiful and natural. We want to encourage visitors to bring refillable water containers with them, to avoid accepting or bringing plastic packaging, and to take their non-organic trash home with them for proper recycling.

We are asking those who join us not to give your customers water in disposable plastic bottles. Tour companies can make it clear that people should bring their own bottle. Restaurants and hotels can easily switch to glass bottles that cannot be taken away. Empty K5 bottles are a perfect substitute, can be reused indefinitely and will not end up in landfill if you save them. So enjoying K5 is good for the environment!

If your company wants to join our initiative, please tell us more about your business so we can include you in this website.